Will Quantum Computers Change The World As We Know It?

Computers as we know them will soon become history. How soon? Well, it is just the question of time, as scientists are already working in bettering quantum computers, as the process is going amazingly well. Just how much quantum computers will change our world is something we will have to wait and see, in the meantime, here is what researchers have to say about the development of quantum computers.

What Are Qubits?

As the researchers and scientists try to make quantum computers our new reality, they are at the moment working with qubits. Qubits stands for quantum bits, which are as you may imagine the very core of quantum computing.


Australian researchers have so far managed to create qubits which stay in a stable superposition for the incredible 10 times longer then their predecessors.

Why Is This Important?

The stability and longevity of qubits is the key for making a super quantum computer that will be used in the future, and the breakthrough of Australian scientists is definitely to be admired by.

This is what will further determine the path of development for quantum computers.

A Break Through In New South Wales University

Researchers of the UNSW, the University of New South Wales tried an experiment with silicon atoms which they merged with an electromagnetic field. This allowed them to continuously oscillate the electromagnetic field and refine the quantum bit with the spin. All of these are significant breakthroughs for our future and the future of quantum computers.

What Does The Future Has In Store For Us?

When it comes to the future of computing, some changes are in the store for us that is for sure. As quantum bits are a lot more versatile, this will also make quantum computers more reliable and more stable. This also means that computing will improve, and become faster and more efficient.


This will definitely affect a range of industries and make our future a lot easier and better. As we await these changes which are definitely in the store for us, we cannot help but wonder what kind of future awaits us and how will quantum computers find their place in the world as we know it today. Still, changes for the better are to come as we are looking ahead and forward.