Quantum Computers – Do They Frighten You?

The future brings all sorts of changes, but what awaits us in the digital world? How will computers change and what the future has in store for us? The future is here, as we talk about the budding development of quantum computers!

What Is A Quantum Computer?

First to answer an important question: what is a quantum computer? Quantum computer is the computer that will use quantum states of subatomic particles to store information.


Therefore, quantum computers will be a lot different than binary digital electronic computers which are based on transistors. While current-day computers store their information on the binary codes, quantum computers will use quantum bits. Also, the development of quantum computers is still in its early beginnings, but there have been experiments conducted in order to make computational operations on a small number of quantum bits.

Does The Future Scare You?

They often say that quantum computers are the computers of the future, but no they do not exist yet. But the right question here is: do quantum computers frighten you? And if your answer is no, then why do the companies fear the up-and-coming trend in the virtual world?

quantum-computer black

So much so that companies and states are fearing they could lose delicate information to this new technology. Fearing that quantum computers could put the security of companies and nations in danger, have made them eager to start preparing for their arrival.

When Will Quantum Computers Become Our Reality?

It is estimated that by 2026 someone, somewhere will be able to create a quantum computer that will be able to crack codes which we today hold critical. This is why governments are alerted for the arrival of quantum computers. This is why now it is the right time to start handling valuable data that will remain valuable for years to come.

Protecting The Data Of The Present And The Future

And while some companies as of this time work towards data protection in the future, it is important to not just protect the data, but upgrade the encryption used for entire societies. Many experts in the field believe that research in the field is necessary.

But there are some that believe that it is too early to be scared of such data breach.