Visit The Andaman Islands And Experience Something Unique

There are many touristic packages, but the thing with tourism packages is that they often give just what is available, rather than what you would want. That all is about to change with the Andaman Islands, or andaman tourism packages that we have prepared for you. And if you are uncertain what precisely are the Andaman Islands, where they are and why you should visit them – read on in order to find out.

Where Exactly Are The Andaman Islands?

This archipelago of breathtakingly beautiful islands is located in the Bay of Bengal, which is surrounded by Myanmar to the north and east and India to the West. The territory is also divided between Myanmar and India, but the Islands themselves are actually the place where amazing Sentinelese people live and they have had little contact with any other people. In total there are 572 islands that belong to the Andaman Islands, but the major ones are the North Andaman Island, the Little Andaman, the Middle Andaman Island and the South Andaman Island. The entire territory is habituated with merely 350 000 people.

What Can You See Here?

There are many reasons why you should visit the Andaman Islands and many things you can see and experience here. Unfortunately, unlike the early historical reports, you will not see wolf-headed people, but you will see some amazing islands, whit sedimentary rocks that can be dated to the Late Jurassic period to the Early Eocene. The beaches are beautiful tropical getaways, with perfect sea breezes and irregular rainfall that can turn to monsoons in certain periods of the year. For divers and snorkelers, this part of the earth is also interesting because there are amazing coral reefs to be seen and experienced firsthand. Wildlife is also amazing, with numerous animals and species that you cannot see elsewhere. This place is perfect for a romantic getaway and for people who see themselves experiencing a true tropical adventure. There is a lot of history to be discovered, not to mention the breathtakingly beautiful scenery and of course the variety of plant and animal species.

Port Blair

If you are interested in visiting one of the bigger cities, you can visit Port Blair, the capital. From Port Blair you can go to other islands as well, since it also the center of transportation.

Havelock Island

Havelock-Island-1This island is not just beautiful, it is out of this world! This natural paradise has a lot to give to it’s visitors, including white sandy beaches, blue sea, forests with amazing plants and you can truly relax here and experience this paradise the right way.

Neil Island

Saving best for last, if you have not been to the Andaman Islands before, you may want to start by visiting the Neil Island. This amazing island will captivate you with its forests and beaches that can get you to and from Port Blair in no time.