Green Technologies That Improve HVAC

Everything we do as a human race is focused on providing healthy lifestyle to those around us. We struggle to reach a life full of fun and without any negative factors that may endanger the health and safety of everyone around us. The majority of technological advancements are also focused on improving the lifestyle of the general public, and it’s no wonder that HVAC-based tech has the same focus as well. In this post, we will review some interesting techs that improve or will advance HVAC systems. We will place a focus on green technologies as they bring benefits to people and still protect our environment from the damages we as a race do to it.

Green technologies and HVAC

All ac companies try to improve their services through technological improvements that the client will like. Those techs have to provide benefits to the customer and still protect the environment and bring profit to the company. The following techs fulfill all requirements, and they are changing how the HVAC works.

First, there is the thermally-driven air conditioning. This might sound like something complex, but in reality, it’s quite simple. This introduces new HVAC systems that don’t rely on electricity to run. As its name says, they rely on solar energy, which is supplemented by gas for days when the sunlight isn’t available. It also introduces a double-chiller system which significantly improves the effectiveness of this build. This tech can only be applied in areas that receive a lot of sunlight and Florida is one of those areas.
Another interesting tech that changes the very essence of modern HVAC is the ice-powered air conditioner.

It uses ice to cool down areas and save on energy consumption. This system is still far from perfect, and it’s best to use it along with a conventional HVAC system. It can’t work on its own because it can’t provide service more than six hours per day. This limitation exists due to the melting of the ice. This system works by freezing over 450 gallons during the night and using it to cool down the building during the day. Ice melts fast, and thus it lasts for around six hours (more if the building is small).

Other green technologies you might want to know about

Energy analysis software won’t replace your existing HVAC system, but it’s beneficial for installation of new air ducts. It uses several different techs including the 3D to create a virtual map of the building and calculate the costs of the HVAC system. We use it to determine what kind of HVAC system would suit the building in regards to the performance and the long-term costs and the usage of energy.

Duct wraps are nothing new as they have been around for some while. We added it to list due to the introduction of the Quiet duct cover. It’s made out of recyclable materials, and it nullifies the sound that some HVAC systems make. Regular maintenance of the HVAC is necessary if you install this wrap because you won’t hear if something goes wrong within the HVAC system.