Top 5 Most Poisonous Snakes In The World

People often neglect the fact that there something much stronger than them slithering underneath their feet. Although these snakes are only from certain parts of the world, it’s still good to be aware of any dangers that might be lurking on the ground. If you’re planning to visit an exotic country or a country notorious for its reptile population, this article might come in handy. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you’re always well-aware of the potential dangers. Whether you love snakes or not, they don’t care much about that, and they won’t spare you because of that.

Belcher’s Sea Snake

This is the most venomous snake in the world. It has the most powerful venom in the snake kingdom, and just a few milligrams of it can kill over 1000 people! It’s mind-boggling only to think about it, let alone see it.

However, it’s unlikely you’ll encounter this species because it can be found throughout waters of South East Asia and Northern Australia. One more important thing to note is that less than ¼ of the bites contain venom.

The rattlesnake

Rattlesnake is the first synonym for many people when venomous snakes are the subject. These snakes can be found throughout Americas, and they’re referred as vipers. They got the name because of the rattle which can be found at the end of the tail and it makes a distinctive noise. However, only around 4% of bites have fatal consequences. If you ever hear a rattle-like sound near your feet, be extremely careful and cautious.

Death adder

We all heard about the Death adder from the legends related to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The legend states she killed herself with snakebite, presumably a bite from the Death adder. These snakes can be found throughout Australia and New Guinea.

Death adder

Its bites result in paralysis, respiratory arrest, and usually death within six hours. Luckily, there are adequate treatments which prevent fatal outcomes. However, if not treated, death occurs in over 50% of the cases.

Inland Taipan

Although it’s not a dangerous species per se, it’s still highly venomous. Venom found in these snakes is very strong, a single bite can kill up to 100 people. However, it’s unlikely you’ll ever encounter one because they avoid human contact at any cost. Quite a relief, though, considering there’s no known antidote.

The eastern brown snake

This is one of the few aggressive species. This snake will chase if it feels endangered and threatened. The worrying fact about this species is that they can be found in city areas as well, they are not exclusively habituated in the wilderness. Also, when this snake strikes, it will bite more than once.

The eastern brown snake

Although only half of these bites contain venom, it’s more than enough to cause paralysis and death. Due to its proximity to general population and aggressiveness, this snake could be considered as the most dangerous in the world. It is, of course, found in Australia.