Style Treats For People With A Unique Fashion Style

We strive to write articles that will introduce you to designers and artists you would not have heard of otherwise. The world is a big place, and it means there are many designers yet to be discovered. It is your chance to discover artists, designers and fashion-forward artists that will introduce a new note to your style, that no one else has yet heard of. If you truly want something unique, read our magazine and starting with this article we will show you how you too can have a unique fashion style.

Leather All The Way!

wallet leatherPeople can be for or against leather, but one is for sure, it gives a sense of style to you and your overall look. Especially if we are talking about handmade leather accessories, it is something you must not miss out on having in your wardrobe. Make sure you check out an especially amazing designer who comes from Serbia, Marko Popov. This truly unique designer will make a change in your design, but what is more, all his designs are made of leather. That is not all! He makes everything himself, and all the items are hand-made.

What Can You Order?

It is really important to emphasize that with Marko’s design, you can get anything you can dream of. This amazing guy will design perfect leather boots, as well as elegant shoes, an amazing seat for your living room, or a wallet which is unisex! In other words, there are no limits with this modern artist, and he is open to your suggestions as well. This is a rare opportunity to all those who would like to do a little bit of designing themselves, to get themselves personally involved in the process and work closely with the designer. This you must not miss out on!

But The Cost?

Since Marko Popov is still an up-and-coming designer who is relatively unknown in fashion circles, you can get all this uniqueness and quality at a very affordable price. You should make the most of this opportunity while you can and order right now. The amazing thing is, you will also get a unique piece at the cost of a regular piece from a factory line.


If you would like to order, do not hesitate, but visit Marko Popov’s website right away. You can also find him on Instagram and check out his work. This amazing designer will personally answer all of your requests, and you will get the unique opportunity to communicate with the man himself. This is truly a great chance to get an amazing, yet affordable leather design, at a uniquely attractive price. For sure once the name Marko Popov hits the world fashion stage, your piece will only grow in value. This is why you should make the most of this young designer while you can and get yourself some quality leather design for a more than affordable price.