Planning Your Scandinavian Tour

Travelling across Europe is certainly a dream many people wish to achieve, but somehow too much attention is always given to the South of Europe, which means people miss out on all the beauties of the North! If you wish to learn more about all the interesting things you can see on your Scandinavian tours, you have come to the right place! Read how to plan a perfect Scandinavian tour!

Starting With Denmark

Great airports in Denmark will allow you to get to Hans Andersen’s country no matter where you are from in the world, and then your Scandinavian adventure is ready to begin! Denmark has amazing food and people, but most importantly many things to see and do. The picturesque streets will definitely leave a long lasting impression on you, as will the lovely cities and towns that look like they could be a place of fairy tales. You could also visit some of many maritime museums and do not miss out on the opportunity to get a selfie with the statue of the Little Mermaid.

Moving On To Oslo

From Denmark it is really easy to get to Norway and enjoy your stay there. The land of the fiords will also have a lot to offer, including activities in the nature. Norwegians are notoriously interested in activities which include everything from power walking to mountain climbing, so make sure you exploit all the chances you have in order to get active here. The nature is unbelievably beautiful and when you get tired from all the activities, you will have the opportunity to enjoy lovely cities and amazing and colorful architecture. Also, if you are planning your visit to the north in advance, make sure you do not miss out on seeing polar lights and white nights, as it is a natural phenomenon you must not miss out on seeing.

Sweet Sweden

Their neighbors also have a lot to offer, so once you are done with exploring Norway, make sure you move on to Sweden. This country is filled with things to do and see, but you should definitely start from their capital Stockholm. Located in the most beautiful area, this city is certainly a place worth visiting. ABBA museum could be interesting for all the disco fans out there, but there are many other places which you can visit in Stockholm as well.


After Sweden you should move on to Finland and visit Helsinki. There are many beautiful cathedrals, museums and boat tours that you can be a part of and you will truly feel at home here. This amazing city and country feels welcoming to tourists and offers the best of the Scandinavia.
This entire tour is just a suggestion, and we hope that you like it! If you have visited Scandinavia before, you can also give some advice to our readers in the comment section. We appreciate your advice and contribution, as well as your experiences from Scandinavia that could help other readers.