Oktoberfest In Nashville  – A Treat For The Entire Family

The capital of Tennessee has so much to offer, and to top it all off, they also have and throw an annual Oktoberfest event! If you are interested in having fun as a family this is a great event and here is why!

Four Days Of Fun And Lots To Do

The oktoberfest in Nashville has been held ever since the ‘80s and it has rightfully been one of the best festivals in this otherwise musical city. During the four days of the festival there is plenty of stuff to see and do, as there are numerous vendors as well as arts and crafts stands.

Not to mention the delicious food and beer stands.

Beer From Around The World

As for the available types of beer, Nashville Oktoberfest can definitely boast with various types of beer from around the world. So, you will definitely be able to enjoy even exquisite German beer, but also many other types of beer as well.

Three Stages Offer True Musical Delight

If you are all about the music and the dance, Oktoberfest in Nashville will not fail you. There usually are at least three stages where you will be able to enjoy the sounds of many musicians that make this festival a true treat for anyone who likes music.

Develop Your Competitive Spirit

Are you competitive? There are many events and games that you can take part of in the Nashville festival. Oktoberfest is renowned for the 5k race, but there are also plenty of other activities that you can enjoy as a family.

Quarter Of A Million Of Visitors Annually!

That’s right! This world-acclaimed festival manages to attract the incredible quarter of a million of visitors during the four-day festivities! There are numerous food stands with delicious food, many stalls where you can buy whatever you can think of, and the best part is of course that it is an event for the old and young alike.

Tennessee, Davidson County.

People of all ages will enjoy Oktoberfest, some for the beer and the food, others for the games and the general fair atmosphere. This event is probably even better than the Oktoberfest in Munich, because it remains a truly amazing family event that you can enjoy and bond over the games and activities.

Other Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Out On Visiting Nashville

Oktoberfest German Festival Event in Nashville, TNThere are also many other reasons why you should not miss out on visiting Nashville. Namely, Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, and as such it has lots to offer. Furthermore, there are many festivals in Nashville, so if you are interested in experiencing some great events and listening to great music, Oktoberfest and Nashville in general, should definitely take an honorary place on your map! Nashville will not disappoint you and you will look forward to coming back each year to Nashville to witness some amazing music, food and meet great people – and of course have fun! Let Nashville show you how truly amazing this Oktoberfest outside of Germany can really be!