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Traveling through Australia

Having knowledge about your environment is crucial for a healthy life. You know what else is critical to a healthy life? It’s traveling. Every human being should travel as much as possible to meet new cultures, people, wildlife, cuisine, and many more beneficial things that come packed with traveling. One of the best countries which offer great times and a lot of new knowledge is Australia. This country is filled with fun, adventures, and most importantly – new experiences. There are a lot of incredible cities and landscape you’ve never seen. Visiting Australia has to be on your to-do list.

The capital of Australia is Canberra, although it’s not the most famous city. The reason why you know more about Melbourne or Sydney is the same reason why Canberra was chosen for the capital. Namely, to end the rivalry between two of the Australia’s biggest cities, they simply chose Canberra as a compromise. Everyone was satisfied this way. Sydney is the biggest city in Australia, and it should be the number one on your list. Everyone knows about the Sydney Opera House standing on the shore for four decades.

The Sydney Opera House

This facility was designed by a Danish architect named Jorn Utzon. It was opened on 20th of October 1973, after fourteen years of construction. However, it was worth the wait, the building is breathtaking. The characteristic “shells” on the top of The Sydney Opera are the trademark of this city. This building has eight main venues and many more additional facilities like restaurants, bars, cafes. You can take a guided tour through the facility and learn a lot about it.

Sydney Opera House

Although the project was a financial disaster leading to a cost at over 15 times more than predicted, it’s a great architectural project. You will have the opportunity to see the curves on the roof, the concert hall with 2679 seats, Drama Theater, Recording Studio, and many other great rooms in The Opera House. You’ll get a lot of new experience and knowledge to share with your friends and family when you go back home.

The unforgettable Melbourne

Melbourne is also a great city to visit, and it should be your number two destination in Australia. Start from the center and explore the bars, restaurants, cafes, galleries, and many more locations downtown. The center of the city is well organized, meaning you’ll always know where you are and you’ll always be aware of your surroundings. There are many unique monuments and other objects that you can use as way-points through the center of the city.


If you’re up for some shopping or you’re visiting with family, don’t forget to go to the Docklands. The Melbourne Star observation wheel is standing on the docks along the shore. If you, for example, decide to rent a car, there are over 1100 parking spaces available on the Docklands. Everyone should experience the Docklands by night as well; you can order food and eat on the beach while the effervescent Pacific slams the rocks.