Sales Enablement – Could You Make Buyers Switch?

Working in sales requires you to have a deeper understanding of human psychology and to make buyers buy or switch or upgrade you need to have a deep understanding of their needs. Even if you have the most fantastic product, without the right sale skills, your sales will not go through the roof. If you want to learn how you too can get those Sales Enablement skills everyone dreams of, read these tips and find out how to persuade your buyers to do something unthinkable – switch.

Addressing Existing Buyers

sales enablement marketingFirst of all, you need to have a base of buyers that you will reach out to and offer them to switch to a new product or a consumer package. But, why would they want to do that? Many of the buyers already have what they need, so why would they want to switch? Unless you are capable of persuading them otherwise, you might even endanger the current status quo. There are, however, ways in which you can persuade them to get a better deal and still keep your customers.


You need to get them to get a better deal and upgrade, however, you cannot do that without singing praise to the new product. If you want to get the current customer to get an upgrade, you need to know how to get them warm to the idea of doing so. Getting your foot in the door might be easier if you say that you have a better solution than the one they already have. Explain how this might be more beneficial to their situation, and they might just be willing to listen.

Know More Than They Do

Working out what the advantages can help you have better arguments and justifiably convince your clients to switch. Do not attack them or make them feel like they do not know what they are doing, especially avoid saying something like ‘you should have come to us first’ because it sounds to them like saying ‘what were you thinking when you got this product?’ Instead, make them feel respected, and like you are offering them a solution they did not even know existed which just offers them better conditions. Also, value the competitor’s product, but make sure you are more focused on your advantages.

Get Them An Offer They Cannot Refuse

To get them warmed for the idea of using your product, you need to make some initial compromises that will help you win over your buyers. This is just a trial period, but it will help you get your customer base. Once you have your client base, you can also start offering them to switch to a better package. You can use the same strategy the next time as well, but make sure that your clients feel respected and genuinely get a good offer for their money’s value. If you are fair towards your clients, you will get a reliable and trusty customer base in return.