Authentic Mediterranean style in Italian restaurants in Miami

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This time we’re taking a tour down the streets and experiencing italian restaurants in miami. If you love Italian food or are interested in experiencing it, these are some of the best places to eat authentic Mediterranean specialties in Miami. The list includes famous and reputed places favorite among tourists, as well as some relatively new restaurants with a great potential to grow into highly attractive places to eat.

Four Diamond award winner – Scarpetta

Settled in the Fontainebleau hotel, one of the most attractive hotels in Miami, this restaurant is a high class per se. It owns a large collection of awards and certificates, and it justifies all of them with its amazing ambiance, atmosphere, and menu. Scarpetta is a slang term for a small piece of bread, which is charming, as much as the rest of the aspects of this place. What impresses the most is a variety of menu, which includes dozens of traditional Italian meals, as well as myriad of exotic specialties and combinations. The same goes for wine assortment and other drinks available here. Here you may try well-known ravioli, crispy frito misto, tagliolini, various seafood, but the menu also offers a large scale of vegetarian meals. The view from all the sides of the restaurant shows Miami beach, which is quite impressive during long summer nights.

Italian corner in the Downtown Miami – La Loggia

La Loggia is beautiful, cozy place with warm Italian style in every aspect, located near the main courthouse. Thus, its regular guests are usually people working on the court, but it welcomes all sorts of visitors. It cherishes traditional Italian interior and menu, with home – made pasta, seafood, exotic and fresh salads, desserts of all kinds and a large assortment of Italian wines. The atmosphere suits official, business lunches, as much as casual, entertaining drinking and having a bite.

Hugs in the Italian manner

Caffe “Abbracci” is named after the Italian term for ‘hugs, ’ and the name suits it perfectly. The general impression you will always get here is a friendly approach and cozy, family atmosphere. The staff is extremely kind, the whole ambiance is warm and casual, but still elegant enough and you can come across various celebrities here frequently. One of the signature aspects of the restaurant is an impressively rich assortment of Italian wines. Once you’ve chosen your favorite, explore their delicious specialties. Everything, from pasta, salads, seafood, desserts, is fresh, home – made and carries the authentic flavor of Italia.