Ambitious restaurant serving Asian food Scottsdale

There is a myriad of Asian restaurants focused on the traditional Asian diet, but most of them express the strong influence of the western cultures and styles, with food being too much of a compromise with industrial food. If you were looking for authenticity and the true, fresh and natural flavors and scents of Asian diet, you had to dig deeper and wander among smaller places cherishing the tradition. It was the case up until recently when an exquisite restaurant serving Asian food had been opened in Scottsdale. Zen Culinary is an ambitious project of the woman born in Thailand and her team of specialists gathered to design authentic Asian – inspired restaurant.

japanese foodThe place hosts around 300 seats, unique interior constructed around four basic elements popular in Asian tradition (water, fire, soil, and the wind) and an impressive menu with the large scale of Asian food and beverage. The leading idea and mission of the project were to create a unique restaurant that would cherish relaxed, casual atmosphere, as well as the elegant mysticism of Asian culture and bring high-quality Asian cuisine to Scottsdale citizens. All the specialties on the menu are made of locally grown and bred organic ingredients, according to the traditional recipes and with original spices and decoration.

Have a meal surrounded by Asian culture

The ambiance of this restaurant creates a memorable impression. There are three spacious dining rooms with the cozy and inspiring interior, open-air kitchen and garden patios to keep you in close touch with the rich greenery surrounding the restaurant. Ambiance and interior strive to resemble various traditional items in Asian culture and customs, so the guests could truly experience the lifestyle in these regions of the world. The style and featured elements of interior and exterior will equally provide relaxing, calming, Zen atmosphere that suits casual lunch, as well as official or intimate dining.

Authentic Asian food on the menu

Zen Culinary brought Asian – inspired high-quality cuisine to Scottsdale. The stuff of the restaurant strives to achieve unique combinations of flavors and ingredients based upon so called fusion cooking style. Although Zen Culinary promotes true and authentic Asian cooking style, they are fully open for innovations and exotic experiments with dishes. You will get the chance to taste Japan and Korea influence, Thailand traditional meals, Chinese combinations of spices, seafood, rice and vegetables, salmons prepared in Thai manner and all of these meals are rich in flavor, quality nutrients and stuck with just enough calories. Some meals draw basis from American or European cuisine, but they still have a classic Asian touch and style.

Asian food and adequate beverage

Frozen Kirin beer, sake, certain sorts of wine and shochu are specialties here that fit perfectly with various dishes served. There’s a rich collection of cocktails with some Asian essence or ingredients, and many of these cocktails are unique home-made recipes. If you prefer to play safe with drinks, there is, of course, a common choice of usual western drinks, but if you go for whiskeys, for example, you might as well try Japanese products. Therefore, asian food scottsdale is the next direction for you!